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Design: 5 Lasting Trends for Your Home

Design trends are endless. Some stick around while others fade to the wayside — at least away from the public eye. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite, personal, and timeless trend throughout the years in your home. You may even want to switch it up a bit and incorporate other trends from different eras. Either way, there are ways to make trends work to your advantage.
Here are five modern trend designs that will keep your home looking forever young.

1. Matching Walls, Mismatched Furniture

Accent walls can add a lot of dimension to a space, but they can also be distracting. The new trends are changing in furniture in the home, allowing people to express their style. While it may be tempting to purchase a furniture set to ensure everything matches, try complementary pieces that harmonize.

2. Nostalgia is in

It might not be for everyone, but décor like flowered wallpaper, fancy china, and crocheted throws are coming back into vogue. The goal is to borrow the more comforting aspects of a childhood or grandparent’s home and then spice them up by adding modern touches throughout.

3. Green Cabinets in the Kitchen

Edging out more popular colors of the past, like gray and white, green cabinets are a sustainable choice that is popping up in all shades. From deep to light, the color plays well with many palettes. People with Carrara marble seem particularly pleased with how it highlights the lining in their counters.

4. Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

We’re seeing even more development of this trend in recent months. People are choosing organic or recycled fabrics, like cotton or recycled polyester, over synthetic materials, like rayon or nylon. It’s a trend that’s been going on for a while, but the rate is picking up again.

5. Industrial Styling in Mixed-Use Spaces

Rooms that may serve as anything from a workspace to a living room are trending toward industrial styles. This design option makes use of neutral colors and relies heavily on the room’s architecture. High ceilings and exposed stonework provide a great backdrop for the main pieces.
How we live at home has changed for many of us, and that change has sparked some new ideas. As you browse different styles, remember that how you use your home will have a lot to do with which ones you incorporate.

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